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September 30

Black label whiskey (Addis Ababa, Ethiopia)

Johonnie Walker


September 14

Mamma Mia Italian Restaurant & Bar's (Addis Ababa, Ethiopia)

Open for LUNCH from 11:30 am and for DINNER from 6:30 pm.

Liver belongs to the Italian culinary tradition and is the most eaten of the...

July 24

#weeding_cake #birthday_cake #anniversary_cake #holidays_cake (Addis Ababa,Ethiopia)

For your special occasions, #weeding

July 22

Double Black Whiskey with amazing price (Addis Ababa,Ethiopia)

Address 0912978030


July 10

YAMI General Trading PLC (Addis Ababa,Ethiopia)

Direct single water filter for sale for only 990 birr.
ከቧንቧ ላይ በቀጥታ ውሃ የሚያጣራ ማሽን በ 990 ብር ብቻ
Call us 0938777538(Miki) or...

July 8

Babas Chili Cheese Burger (Addis Ababa/Ethiopia, Summit Area)

Babas Chili Cheese Burger...
Special Price for short time only
97 ETB only .
Get it delivered to wherever you are in and...

June 21

በማዕድዎ ላይ ሊያገኙት የሚገባ ጤናማ የምግብ አማራጭ (አዲስ አበባ /ኢትዮጵያ)

በማዕድዎ ላይ ሊያገኙት የሚገባ ጤናማ የምግብ አማራጭ

• ቆሮሶ (ቲላፒያ) ፍሌቶ (መካከለኛ) - 129 ብር/ኪግ
ሙሉ በ ሙሉ አጥንት የወጣለት
• ቆሮሶ (ቲላፒያ) ፍሌቶ...

April 20

Event (Addis Ababa,Ethiopia)

You are Invited!!
It is with great pleasure that Awash Wine invites you to the launching of an exciting new Axumit Wine - tonight April...

January 14

Masar Addis (Addis Ababa, Ethiopia)

best water pumps works manually and also with batteries life time of 8 to 10 month

For bulky purchase we will give free delivery and...

January 13

halawa t (Addis Ababa, Ethiopia)

were can i get halawa tahina like this orignal in addis


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